Hep C Tracking Study

C trackerOver 3 million Americans suffer from hepatitis C. And although highly effective new medications are available, we still know very little about the impact the virus and medications have on people’s daily lives. To remedy this, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have created C Tracker, a new Apple Research Kit study for people living with hepatitis C.

You can support their research by downloading the C Tracker app today. As a participant in this study, you’ll answer a few basic questions on a regular basis, learn about the virus, and be able to review your personal activity levels.




They will collect information on your symptoms and experiences using short surveys, which will include questions like:

  • Which antiviral medication are you currently taking or have you taken in the past?
  • During the past seven days, how many hours did you miss from work because of problems associated with your hepatitis C?

This study is open to adults ages 18 and over, living in the United States, who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C. Come join a movement that will help smooth the road for future patients—one answer at a time.



Page added December 2015