Traveling While on Treatment

If you plan to travel while on treatment, there are several considerations you need to think about when making arrangements:

  • If you’re traveling by car, do not leave medications in a hot vehicle.
  • Make sure you can refrigerate your interferon wherever you’ll be staying and keep a copy of the prescription with you.  Remember to bring a small Sharps container to safely dispose of your needles.
  • If you’re traveling by air, carry on all medications with you in the cabin.  Keep them in their original containers with the prescription label.  Pack your interferon in an insulated carry-on bag with a frozen gel pack.
  • Some airports, particularly overseas, may have stricter security standards.  It’s safest to have a doctor’s note certifying that you are on injectable prescription medication.
  • Make sure to bring contact information for your healthcare providers with you in case you need to contact them with a question or concern.
  • Keep a card in your wallet that indicates who to call in an emergency.  This should include contact information for a family member and your doctor.