Taking Action

Is Triple Therapy Right for Me?

Triple therapy is approved only for people who have Hepatitis C genotype 1, the most common type in the U.S.  It has not been studied in people with other genotypes.

The benefit of triple therapy is that it increases the chances of treatment success in people with genotype 1, which traditionally was more difficult to treat than genotypes 2 or 3.  People with genotypes 2, 3, or 4 can still be treated with PEG/riba therapy, which has high cure rates in people with genotypes 2 or 3.

The safety and effectiveness of boceprevir and telaprevir have not been studied in or are not recommended for people who:

  • Have HIV
  • Are younger than 18 years old
  • Have advanced liver failure
  • Had a liver transplant

Both boceprevir and telaprevir may react with other medications you are on and cause serious problems.  So it’s important to tell your doctor about all the medications you take, including prescription or over-the-counter drugs, vitamin or mineral supplements, and herbal remedies.  You may need to adjust your current medications if you’re going to be treated with triple therapy.  You also need to check with your doctor before taking any new prescription or over-the-counter medications while you are being treated.