Taking Action

Is Treatment Right for Me?

If treatment is recommended, you will want to discuss it with your loved ones before making a final decision.  Some antiviral medications can cause strong side effects and for certain people treatment can last nearly a year, particularly if interferon is involved.  The good news is that the newer medications are shortening treatment time and increasing cure rates for many people.  Discuss with your doctor if an interferon-free treatment regimen is right for you.

If you decide not to be treated with medications immediately, your doctor will want to monitor you closely to check on the health of your liver.  During this time, talk to your doctor about other steps you can take to manage your Hepatitis C.

Some people who originally choose not to have treatment for their Hepatitis C may later decide they want to try antiviral medications, particularly as we head towards having an all oral and/or interferon-free treatment option for more people in the very near future.