Hepatitis C Materials


HepC123 Poster – Baby Boomers Get Tested
HepC123 Poster – Get Tested
HepC123 Referral Cards
Webcast: Hepatitis C: What Are My Treatment Options

Hepatitis C Brochure – English
Hepatitis C Brochure – Spanish
HCV / HIV Coinfection Brochure – English
HCV / HIV Coinfection Brochure – Spanish – Vhc / Vih Coinfección Folleto
Hepatitis C Bilingual Card (English & Spanish) – Cartel De La Hepatitis C (Inglés Y Español)
Tattoo At-A-Glance
Tattoo At-A-Glance – Spanish


An Introduction to Liver Care Brochure – English
Diet and Your Liver – English
Managing Your Medications Brochure – English
Managing Your Medications Brochure – Spanish
Diet and the Liver Bilingual Card (English & Spanish) – La Dieta Y El Cartel Del Hígado (Inglés Y Español)


Cirrhosis Brochure – English
Cirrhosis Brochure – Chinese
Cirrhosis Brochure – Korean
Cirrhosis Brochure – Vietnamese
Alcohol At-A-Glance
Alcohol A-A-Glance – Spanish
Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Handout
Hepatitis A Handout – English
Hepatitis B Brochure – English
Hepatitis B Brochure – Spanish – La Hepatitis B Folleto
Hepatitis B Handout – Arabic
Hepatitis B Handout – Chinese
Hepatitis B Handout – French
Hepatitis B Handout – Hmong
Hepatitis B Handout – Khmer
Hepatitis B Handout – Korean
Hepatitis B Handout – Laotian
Hepatitis B Handout – Swahili
Hepatitis B Handout – Vietnamese
Hepatic Encephalopathy Brochure – English
Hepatic Encephalopathy Brochure – Spanish – Encefalopatía Hepática Folleto
Liver Cancer Brochure – English
Liver Cancer Brochure – Spanish – Folleto Del Cáncer De Hígado
Liver Cancer Handout – Arabic
Liver Cancer Handout – Chinese
Liver Cancer Handout – French
Liver Cancer Handout – Hmong
Liver Cancer Handout – Khmer
Liver Cancer Handout – Korean
Liver Cancer Handout – Laotian
Liver Cancer Handout – Swahili
Liver Cancer Handout – Vietnamese
Liver Biopsy Handout – English
Liver Function Tests Handout – English
Liver Transplants Handout – English
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) At-A-Glance
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) At-A-Glance – Spanish
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Handout – English
Progression of Liver Disease – English
Viral Hepatitis Bilingual Card (English & Spanish) – Cartel Contra La Hepatitis Viral (Inglés Y Español)
An Introduction to Clinical Trials Support Guide – English
Financial Assistance Resources Support Guide – English