You’ve just been given a diagnosis of Hepatitis C and you’re stunned!  After all, you had no symptoms and in fact you were feeling pretty good, but the doctor said many people don’t know they have Hepatitis C until they already have some liver damage, which can take years.  And although the doctor reassured you that it’s better to have found out sooner rather than later, all you can think is, “How and when did this happen to me and what does this mean for my future?

Getting a diagnosis of Hepatitis C can be overwhelming, particularly when you’ve had no symptoms.  Suddenly, you’re thrown into a state of information overload and it’s hard to digest everything you’re hearing.  But rest assured there are many resources and organizations ready to help.  Although Hepatitis C can be very serious, most people can manage the disease and lead full, active lives.

The American Liver Foundation is here to answer all your questions as you take the journey from being newly diagnosed to becoming a fully informed participant in your own care.  Let us help you, one step at a time.


This page has been updated October 2016.